You are running an unsupported installation - what does it mean?

After the last update Home Assistant supervisor says that I am running an unsupported installation. I have a powerful Debian server which I am using for some other tasks as well. I can support myself, that is not a problem.
It is not however clear to me, what does this unsupported mean. Does it mean that I do not get any updates any more? That worries me. Can someone clarify?

What does it say when you click Learn More?

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If it says “Unhealthy” then you will be blocked from upgrading Home Assistant and upgrading any Add-ons you may have.

“Unsupported” means your system is doing something that deviates from the standards defined by the development team. See ADR-0014.

AFAIK recently all HA with older HAOS lower than 6 turned unsupported. It’s because of missing some component (OS agent?). probably it can be added manually

edit: I found it: Supervisor update - #14 by pvizeli

HA Supervised is ONLY supported on a vanilla Debian installation, either the STABLE or OLDSTABLE version. Perhaps it detected some additional packages installed.

Buster not long anymore. There was only 4 months deprecation time. It says ‘unsupported’ if you have any non-HA docker installed.

The error message says “Unsupported software detected”. I am running a Debian installation of Influxdb, Grafana and Dokuwiki. I do not wish to install them from unknown containers maintained by a 3rd party. I prefer using official sources. My Debian is Bullseye.

I still want to know what “unsupported” means. Do I miss security updates now?

I found the “Unsupported software”. It was Portainer, that I had installed for some reason. I removed the container and now there is no complaint any more. Still, it would be good to know the exact meaning of “unsupported”. Is it just a warning or are there concrete implications.

If it is bare metal, Supervisor does not detect it yet.

Only if supervisor says ‘unhealthy’

If you have a problem, you can’t file an issue on GitHub. The devs will close it immediately.


Hmmm… I think have a head scratcher here:

Yes I clicked the link. Yes I read the ADR-0014. But then I’m on the latest (?) HAOS 6.5, which is a VM…
Where else could I check? Any specific log or error messages I should be outlook for? Any thing I can do from the CLI?

(Don’t know how long it has been that way either.)

In my supervisor log, everything is green except for 4 yellow warning lines about AdGuard Home and UniFi Controller because of the recent snapshot vs backup change. Would that make supervisor deem my system unsupported? No other red line.

What did the ‘learn more’ link say ?

Clicking the “learn more”:

And then the “Unsupported software detected” link leads me to Unsupported software - Home Assistant (

… which further leads to ADR-0014.

I mean, I don’t even know how one could manually install anything (that is not an add-on) in HAOS.

Did you add an extra docker container using portainer ?

‘Unsupported software detected’ really means ‘Non HA docker container detected’

Is that what this is about? I mean, they could have just said so in the documents / descriptions.

If anything, that would be long time ago, as I couldn’t recall anything at the moment.
I will check. Thanks for the pointer.

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I’m curious to know, which part of the first reply in this thread failed to answer your first question (and its duplicates)?

Thank you. You did not actually say what unsupported meant for the user. At least I did not understand it - so it is probably because of my own limitations.

Because, like I stated, only “Unhealthy” imposes noticeable operational constraints for the user.

If it only indicates “Unsupported” then, unlike "Unhealthy, it imposes no noticeable constraints other than what the word literally means (un-supported = no support).

Anyway, glad to hear you now understand what it means.

If you want to use Portainer, you can install it as an Add-on from the Add-on Store. It’s maintained by Frenck who is a member of Home Assistant development team (also an employee of NabuCasa).

FYI: Another docker container that Supervisor dislikes is watchtower.

There are several different “unsupported” messages.
Unsupported software detected
You are running an unsupported installation
curious about more

But as I mentioned already “unsupported installation” might mean lack of OS agent (or simply hass os older than v6.

I cannot believe github issues are being closed immediately based on supervisor status, even if an issue is not connected to operating system version

I’m having the same message “unsupported installation”


I followed the instructions in the supplied link Docker Configuration - Home Assistant , but still receive the same message over and over again.

I’m running HA 2022.7.6 Supervised 2022.7.0 on Debian 11 (bullseye) with only HA add-ons

Anybody knows what is going on here? The system is running fine though so why is it still unsupported?

I realize this is an old thread, but I’m in the process of changing home servers and haven’t messed with my setup in a while.

My current home server is an OMV 5 setup with docker that runs about 30 containers. I’m able to run Home Assistant Supervised with this setup. The HA core version is 2021.11.0. The supervised version is 2022.10.0. I realize it’s an older Core version but I’m not experiencing any issues with my current setup so I’m not updating it right now.

The new server I’m setting up is an OMV 6 setup with docker. I’ve followed the steps on GitHub - home-assistant/supervised-installer: Installer for a generic Linux system. (I did the same with my current server) It seems to work, but I have the “error” of ‘unsupported software’ and ‘unhealthy system - docker misconfigured’. I only have Portainer running at the moment.

What’s changed between what’s on my current server to the new one?

I don’t understand why we would be able to have the ability to install Supervised in a docker setup, but not be able to run other containers along side it.

I don’t want to run Portainer/Docker from HA. That is completely ridiculous since I already have Docker outside of HA.

What are my options?

Nevermind. I found the “solution” here - 'HomeAssistantCore.update' blocked from execution, system is not healthy - #143 by jonasbuhlkristiansen

I ran this code on my server. Not ideal, but it’ll work…until it’s not supported either. :frowning:

 ha jobs options --ignore-conditions healthy