You don't seem to be in control of any dashboard, please take control first

Hi Team.

So i have a fresh install of HA. All i have done is connect both my Mrs and I iPhones up. However when I logon to HA i dont see on the main page all the details about our phone and location. If i go in to integrations open Mobile App and then try to add the device to Lovelace UI i get the message in the screenshot.

Any ideas? As said this is a fresh install.

Welcome just press ok

And there no dum question ok


Thanks for the reply.

Pressing OK is the only option but that does not add the Mobile Phone entities to the default dashboard. Thats what i am trying to do.


How press the 3 dot right and add a card the cards do there best to pick something related to that card

Then install hacs and u be digging a big hole you can’t get out of ask any one here

Please create backup and more backup spend the time puting those backup some where safe.

Then come back and ask more questions

We all were at the same place where you are. mine is 3 computer 5 years lost count in the number of restores I have most been me then pi3 sdcards problems list below is current setup

Putting this up here for people googling for answers:

For anyone looking to take control of a dashboard, go to that dashboard and click the button with three dots:

Upon clicking it will ask you if you want to take control, like the screenshot below.

After you take control, you’ll have the option to edit the dashboard and by extension be able to add stuff to the dashboard:


Thank you for a useful reply, Wokipoki.
in my case, on this new install there is only the Overview dashboard.
that board gets populated automatically by HA every time you add a device. so it’s controlled by HA. and has every device in it.
if you want to take control of that board then HA can’t control and won’t automatically add new devices.
the best course of action in this case might be to create your own board that you can configure as you wish with just the things you want on it and not every device.

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Thank you @Wokipoki !
For HomeAssistant beginners it is not obvious to perform this action.


How to undo the ‘take control of Dashboard’? I’ve been unable to remove some old entities from the Dashboard after deleting the sensor or entity.
Someone suggested I need to take control of the Dashboard?

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