Youless configurable update interval

The Youless integration works fine. I have the LS120 with the latest update 1.6.1-EL. Since yesterday I have a new smart meter. And I can read my electricity and gas consumption per second. Unfortunately, the integration in HomeAssistant of Youless is configured on a 10 second interval (line 41: “update_interval=timedelta(seconds=10),” from the file “**init** .py”).

Is it possible to adjust the integration and set the update interval in the configuration of the device itself?


And why would you need it more than once every 10s

I understand that it is currently not possible. However, I would like to request a change.

The reason being, I desire a more real-time experience and the ability to choose how frequently it updates. Thank you.

Turn off polling on the integration and make a automation that updates the entity every second.