YouLess integration entities

I recently installed the YouLess integration and am tracking energy consumption using Home Assistant, the YouLess App and the online dashboard I get from my provider (which is the ground truth as this is what they will charge me for).

The daily totals shown in the Home Assistant energy dashboard match with the dashboard from my provider and with the daily total shown in the YouLess App.

However, the current consumption provided by the entity power_usage does not match the actual value shown in the YouLess App. In fact, there is no entity that has the same value as the actual consumption as shown in the YouLess App.

Given that the daily total is the same in the Home Assistant energy dashboard, in the daily overview of the YouLess App and my provider’s dashboard, there must be another entity that is not listed (but is used to create the correct daily overview).

Any info on this?

The integration is maybe providing a mean value for a period of time while the app is giving the instant value or a mean value for a different period… I face the same behavior with the Smappee integration: Smappee device is giving a value every second while the integration is giving a mean value for x-seconds… but at the end of the day the two numbers match.

In this case the value provided by the integration changes more rapidly (like every second) than the value in the App (live every 5 seconds). Problem is that the value from the entity is e.g. 403 while the App’s value is e.g. 603 at the same moment. So time sampling frequency could not explain the difference.

I will try to look into the code for the “energy” dashboard to see which entity it is using (or applying a factor).

I solved it by getting the value directly from the YouLess sensor:

  - platform: rest
    method: GET
    name: ls120_status
    value_template: "{{ value_json.pwr }}"
    unit_of_measurement: "W"

Looking at the value one can get from the YouLess device (YouLess - TD-er's Wiki) I notice that the value provided by the integration is from the Enelogic (default) firmware ( which is a different “actual power use” value for some reason…

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