Youless integration fails to install, error message

Hi, not sure if this should go here. I also submitted a bug on Github. Not trying to spam, just learning where things are :-o I looked around and didn’t find anyone with the same issue.

I’m trying to install the Youless plugin. I use as host. My Youless is LS120 without password. It has the Pvoutput firmware.

The integration says:
Created configuration for

But after that it shows a warning on screen:
Retrying setup: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0).

In the log some more info is added:
Config entry ‘’ for youless integration not ready yet: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0); Retrying in background

I just learned that the pvoutput firmware is not supported.

@vinx support for PVOutput is build. It will hopefully make it with next months (October) major release

Awesome, looking forward to seeing my solar production in action on the energy dashboard!

Hi all,

I keep getting these messages in my log about youless:

Timeout fetching youless_gateway data

More information is not available :-/

Has anyone got an idea ?



What is your YouLess version (LS110, LS120)? What type and version of firmware? The API differs a lot unfortunately. Could it be your network? Can you log in on the YouLess directly? Does it have a password? Does http://youless-ip/a?f=j give you output?
If you do suspect a bug, you’d probably better submit it is Core-bug here: Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub. @gjong has very helpful with some issues I’ve had.

Hi @weemaba999 The integration is currently configured to time out in 2 seconds. Which means that if your youless device does not respond within 2 seconds you will see that error in the log.

The timeout was added in the past to prevent the integration from getting stuck. But perhaps the 2 seconds is to low for your network.

Btw: this error should not be a big problem if you see it sometimes, as the integration gets fresh data every 20 seconds or so.