Youless watermeter


i spent the last day figuring out how i could read out the watermeter from the youless energy module in HA. At his point it is not yet implemented in the current version of the youless integration.

So to save you some time, i used the restfull integration and added following code to the configuration.yaml:

    scan_interval: 60
    resource: http://<youless module IPadress>/e
      - name: "Water_teller"
        value_template: "{{value_json[0].wtr * 1000 }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "L"
        device_class: water
        state_class:  total

hi @janmeermans

The Youless API has been updated recently to 1.1.0
This one will add support for the water meter readout.

@gjong Can this change be added to the component? I have coding working on my local dev environment, but I’m to green to submit and integrate the changes like a pro :expressionless:

The extra meter has been there for a long time already, showing the readout. It is just thinking it is kWh instead of m3. I used a template sensor to convert, I guess you could also use custimize to overrule the unit of measurement and device class.