Your Home Assistant version (0.92.2) is too old - Error on latest beta 2.0.0 (53)

I just updated from TestFlight to latest build, and I’m getting this error on top. It disapears after a few seconds, and if I reopen the app doesn’t show again.

Same issue here but I installed it from scratch and it shows this (sorry, in French):

Then it stays stuck on the sensors:

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I have the exakt same issue

Same issue here, not starting through anymore. Hangs on sensors. Not usable at the moment

I had the stuck sensors issue with 53 so I installed 52 and that worked then updated to 53 from 52 and no sensor issue. I still get the error as above but at least build 53 is working enough to use.

Got the same error (version 53 and 0.92.2) though everything is working. Just an annoying red bar which disappears.

Just updated to version 54 and no more red bar


yes it’s resolved also for the initial connection issue on 54 :slight_smile:

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