Youtube Music Album cover image auto update

Hello HA users,

I am trying to do something that should be easy, but I can’t put the pieces together.

I am using the Youtube Music add-on and it works great.

I would like to have some type of picture entity in my dashboard that displays the current artist’s name and album cover image.

The player has these entities:

volume_level: 0.38
is_volume_muted: false
media_content_type: music
media_duration: 238
media_position: 134
media_position_updated_at: 2024-04-24T13:12:47.779575+00:00
media_title: Skinny Love
media_artist: Bon Iver
media_album_name: For Emma, Forever Ago
shuffle: true
repeat: all
entity_picture_local: /api/media_player_proxy/media_player.ytube_music_player?token=b3047796b202879eb8dff139931e1da992eaee4******************
remote_player_state: playing
current_playlist_title: Acoustic Doze-Off
videoId: 95FyXUHv8hk
_media_type: playlist
_media_id: RDCLAK5uy_kIMj6ScYWghk2sQarkFf0gL**************
current_track: 18
remote_player_id: media_player.vlc_telnet
icon: mdi:music-circle
friendly_name: Youtube Music Player
supported_features: 450495

Note: I modified some of the links and identifiable keys above.

How do I extract the entity_picture: URL (near the bottom) and use it in one of the picture entity cards, and have it update when the song changes.

I came across a few similar posts, but nothing matches. Possibly an answer to my question will help others.

Thank you.

So do you not see entity_picture in your media_player card?

The current album cover does appear in the Media Player, but it is small and truncated. I want to have a larger picture beside the media player.

Ok, well the url of the image is

http://YOURIP:8123{{state_attr('', 'entity_picture')}}

Naturally your media player entity id will be different.

I tried that with:{{state_attr('media_player.ytube_music_player','entity_picture')}}

I also tested with entity_picture_local, because that seemed more like a local URL vs. the one hosted on the google site.

And unfortunately, it did not work.

Is there a way to test these expressions to see the results?

I need to learn so much more about HA, but it is so flexible, it makes it difficult. I’m almost 70. My friends play Suduko to exercise their minds. I play Home Assistant and Smart Home. :slight_smile:

My house has 140+ devices hooked to the router, plus 65 hooked to Lutron, plus 15 on Zigbee. The airwaves are full.

Place that string in developer tools.

Copy the resulting string into your browser.

I think your quoting may be wrong.


Wow! I just learned something. Thank you.

I was not sure where in Developer Tools, but then it was obvious - in the Template Editor.

It returned the path for both entity_picture and for entity_picture_local.

Unfortunately, it seems that you cannot past the {{state_attr()}} string into the Image Path fields in any of the 3 different picture cards. Is there a way you can make a path that the picture cards will accept?

I am just trying that

I think I have figured it out.

Make a template image with the template that gets the correct image. In my case it was

    - url: http://myip:8123{{state_attr('', 'entity_picture')}}
      name: mediapic
      verify_ssl: false

after restart you will have an entity image.mediapic. Put that into a picture card.

Unfortunately, it is not quite working.

This template code, when added to configuration.yaml, creates an image entity called image.mediapic.

When I examine the entity in Developer Tools → States it appears to contain the local path to the image under /api/…

But, no image is displayed in a Picture Card, even though the Image field offers image.mediapic as the only option available.

I got it to work. I used

    - url: http://myip:8123{{state_attr('', 'entity_picture')}}
      name: mediapic
      verify_ssl: false

I changed entity_picture to entity_picture_local.

Thank you!

Yes I think that is a difference between media player integrations.