YR weather not working anymore in version 0.103.6

Someone knows if there is an easy fix to get the YR weather component working again in an old version of HA?

Im sure most people in here wouldn’t know or wouldn’t care to “lookup” that “versioning” you are using ! , instead you should use the “common” release version year/month/patch

YR and other providers of API’s usually change the code as with other Server-software , Codes gets updated frequently

If you have an “old” HA, it’s most likely not compliant with either the new “Service-call” ( weather-Component ) method, and most likely your json/rest is also not compliant with YR’s current API

So your “Open” question does need some “specifications”, as you basically ask a yes/no question without any details what so ever

The version is old, 0.103.6 before the “new” way of naming it.

It just stopped working some time ago when Met.no changed some rules. If you use their data, you should identify yourselves in the User-agent.

I have no idea how to do that.

103.6 was released in January of 2020. You’re running an installation which hasn’t been updated in four and a half years!

My suggestion is to start over from scratch - that’s waaay too many breaking changes to deal with.

Yes there is! Update! :slight_smile: