YRD226 alarmLevel unknown how to fix?

Does anyone mind showing me how their entities look for the YRD226 Yale Assure lock? I have it hooked up with ZwaveJS but I have unknown for the last 2 entities which is suppose to give me a way to find out which user code was used etc.

connecting to the mqtt broker I can see that I am getting the events I need just not seeing them in HA


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THANK YOU! So while this solves my main problem and I have no problems with putting a little bit of work to make these be sensors I do wonder how come these are not part of those sensors that are already present in HA from ZwaveJS :thinking:

Because they are events and have no state.

ok yea you are right. thank you!

If you are interested in the fine details, take a look at SDS13713 Notification Command Class, list of assigned Notifications. Z-Wave JS conforms closely to the Z-Wave spec. The spec defines some notifications as state variables, these are modeled as stateful values in the driver, and other notifications as events, and these are modeled as stateless events in the driver. HA does the same and represents driver values as sensor entities and driver events as HA events. A “manual lock operation” event tells you that something happened (a manual lock occurred) but doesn’t necessarily tell you what the current state is. Of course, you can emulate stateful sensors based on the events using trigger-based template sensors, but HA has chosen to keep these particular notifications as events.

The entries marked as “Event” in this document are HA events, and the ones marked as State are entities.

Thank you! As an engineer / product guy I do love these guts! I will dig into this. I do see what you say about stateful vs stateless. It would not make sense to make a persistent sensor show how the lock was opened / closed when it is a singular event.