Ytube Music Player & Mini Media Player - Long tracks/playlists have no sound


I set up Ytube Music Player with Mini Media Player so that we could start sleep songs for our baby at the push of a button to avoid having to speak to Google Nest Mini.

Short tracks and playlists work fine, but this one doesn’t have any sound.
Is there a reason why these 10 hour, and 24 hours tracks aren’t working?

I took GGA7CPyn31c from the URL as the tracks ID. On YouTube Music there is an option to select song or video, but the URL doesn’t change. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Lovelace Card Config

type: custom:mini-media-player
entity: media_player.ytube_music_player
group: false
volume_stateless: false
  columns: 3
    - name: Bed 1
      type: source
      id: media_player.bedroom_1_assistant
    - name: Bed 2
      type: source
      id: media_player.bedroom_2_assistant
    - name: Bed 3
      type: source
      id: media_player.bedroom_3_assistant
    - name: Brahms Lullaby 10hrs
      type: track
      id: vR2lf8Z0SVo
    - name: Brahms Lullaby 24hrs
      type: track
      id: RNzY_GmJqv0
    - name: Brahms Test
      type: track
      id: GGA7CPyn31c