Yweather plugin returns strange atmospheric pressure value - 33830.04 mb

Hi guys, i have configured the yweather sensor which works fine. The Temperture, Wind, Visibility and Forcasts working great, the only strange thing is the air pressure - the sensor shows 33830.04 mb, which is way to large (>33 times higher than normal pressure)
The weather-related options of homeassistant are set like:

unit_system: metric 
elevation: 140

The sesor is set as follows:

- platform: yweather
    woeid: 796597
      - weather
      - weather_current
      - temp_min
      - temp_max
      - wind_speed
      - pressure
      - visibility
      - humidity
      - temperature

Have someone thougt anything like this? How can i convert the yweather pressure value to minibars?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Have a look at this thread…

Thank you so much @keithh666 @fabaff !
Sorry for not using the search function properly :smiley: