Z-Net Network Z-Wave

I am try to see if there is a way to get the hs z-net network z-wave plus controller sense. The device is Raspberry Pi 3 with a EZZee, EZZeeUS, by Express Controls LLC, Cert ID: ZC10-15020001

I’m using a ZNET with HomeSeer 3 only for my 50 node ZWave network…and using the HA HS3 Custom Component to enable the ZWave entities in HA. Not much hope for the ZNET to be supported natively by HA :smirk:

I just connected my Z-Net to HA via socat and it recognized the controlled and created devices just fine under Z-Wave JS, just in case anyone comes across this thread. I didn’t exclude/include and all 60 existing devices were imported. I can’t say what the long-term reliability will be.

Interesting…Can you share or point me to details on how you used socat to connect the Z-Net to HA?

Certainly. First, the choice of Home Assistant platforms plays a large role. I started with HASS OS on a RPi 4 with Supervisor. It’s difficult but not impossible to get a network connection via socat in that environment. First, the underlying OS is stripped down, without a package manager, and socat isn’t installed in the image. You can overcome that by brute force, but in the end I created a Debian 10 VM and installed the supervised HA install on top of that following guidance here: Install Home Assistant on Linux/Docker with Supervisor (how to get add ons!) - Ubuntu 20.04 - YouTube
Be careful with that link as it discusses Ubuntu, but now that’s no longer supported. Within the discussions they update the instructions to refer to Debian. Once you have an OS you can work with, you can add socat to Debian as you have full control of the underlying OS that runs Home Assistant. My testing was running it interactively but there are several references online to run it on startup under systemctl with autostart, restart, etc. I’ll implement that next. The basic socat command is simple enough:
socat pty,link=/dev/ttyS0,raw,user=hass,group=dialout,mode=777 tcp:192.168.x.x:2001
Making sure the device, user, and IP address is appropriate for your situation. This will link /dev/ttyS0 to the network connection to the Z-Net. The ser2net configuration on the Z-net maps to port 2001 out of the box. I’m hoping to add a Conbee II to the Z-Net Rpi and map that as well for ZHA. I’m taking “baby steps” (as Pete would say from the HomeSeer Forum), just making sure all this works. My main goal is to avoid migrating to a second Z-Wave interface with all the exclusion/inclusion required. The biggest issue with that of course is that it would be an “all in” cut so I’d need to have all my other automations and interfaces ready to cutover once I migrate Z-Wave for good. The interesting thing is it seems I can alternate the controller between software as I work things out. No ill effects on HS3 of having the Z-Net talk to Home Assistant for an hour, but naturally HS3 is effectively offline during the testing. When I turn HS3 back on, I disable Z-Wave JS.

Maybe all that is more than you’re willing to deal with. I don’t mind learning along the way, and although I’ve been running HS3 on Windows for years I’m comfortable enough with Linux to move forwared with Home Assistant. The whole containerization/docker piece is new to me so I’m learning slowly. I’ve now got 2 new instances, the original RPi4 system as “Dev” and the new Debian VM as future “Prod” that I’m working through. I have an old Z-stick I can add to the dev system to have some parity in interfaces for testing.

If nothing else I can chalk it all up as education, but ultimately I plan to phase out HomeSeer and phase in Home Assistant over the next few months as I figure out how to duplicate the existing functionality. So far I don’t see any issues with that strategy, and if something comes up I can alway fall back.

Thanks for the detail.
I’ve been running HA on Docker and Kubernetes and now back to Docker for the last two years and am very comfortable with it. Also very comfortable with Linux. Use HS3 only for ZWave with the HS3 Custom Component for HA and it works perfectly.
Just need to decide if its worth continuing to use the Z-Net or slowly migrate to ZWave-JS using my Aotec Z-Sick.
Thanks again.

I’ve read that the antenna in the EZzee controller isn’t that great, but it’s the current controller I have in place. I’ve also got a spare just in case and the older original Aeotec Z-stick. At the moment, no issues with range/reliability on the Z-Net, so I’ll stick with it. It’s on a hardwire connection and outside the SD card limitations I have no long-term concerns with it.

We’re working on this now, FYI: Z-NET Integration with HA - #6 by freshcoast

Thanks…but a little too late for me :grinning:
I’ve moved to the native HA ZWaveJS implementation with a Pi and ZWave dongle. It has been solid & stable for many months now on 50 node network.
I’m sure new converts from HS to HA will welcome your development. Good Luck!

np, just covering bases. Glad you got a solution working. :+1:

Our official doc for HA integration with Z-NET is now available here: Z-NET Integration with Home Assistant - Products

Thanks to @mterry63 for help with this