Z-Stick 7, ZWA010-A; ASIN : B094VTQQCR

Sadly I was sent a ZWA010-A and not the ZWA010-C ASIN : B094VTQQCR.
that I ordered so after 4 weeks and 80usd I now have US radio Frq Zwave and not Eu version as I needed

So Question Time,
Im think as its Silicon Labs Chips Radio Frq is it possible to update does anybody know anything about this? and if Yes willing to share some more info


Do Need to order a new Stick and hope they do not send me the wrong one?

Or so anybody have an EU version and needs a US version and is willing to swap, mine is new in Box Im happy to take any used one as a trade

You can change the frequency of the controller in Z-Wave JS UI. You just expand the controller settings and you will see the option to change it. Some controllers have saw filters installed that physically limits the frequencies they can use so changing the region might not work.

brave_screenshot (6)

Thanks, I will try that

Ok, Got it, for others, you will find this post this is PC controller from the

and this

You will need a Silicon Labs account and download a few things, but as 02-06-2024 this works and other solutions look to have “: dead” links