Z-Wave 700 - Let's talk about functionality with mixed Z-wave devices

A common question that came up when Z-Wave Plus was released revolved around the network mesh and how it functioned when using a combination of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices. (TLDR, the network mesh functioned in the slower Z-Wave mode for compatibility.)

And here we are at the next iteration of Z-wave - 700 Series. Based on what little information I have been able to locate, Z-wave 700 has major improvements over Z-Wave Plus including range and power consumption. So the inevitable question remains - How will a mixed device network mesh function?

I currently have all Z-wave Plus devices and will likely pick up some 700 Series gear as the products hit the market. (Hubitat already has a 700 Series controller available.) But I also want all the bells and whistles that come with 700 Series devices. I pray that my Z-Wave Plus mesh won’t be a hindrance in that effort but who knows. I have yet to find any relevant information about Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave 700 Series interoperability. Anyone else in the same boat?

Note: I am not affiliated with The Smartest House. Just sharing the link in case anyone was curious.

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Had the z-wave stick gen5 before then moved to gen7. really like the simple integration into HASS. Using most devices from Aeotec (MultiSensors ) and Abus ( Sirene and Door Senor ).