Z-Wave 700 region setup

I’ve been doing a bit of Googling and have not found an answer, so apologies if I missed it anywhere.
With ZWave 700 controllers, they come multi-region and have a command to set them for a particular region. I found that ZWaveJS possibly does already support this feature, but I have not found out if this function is available in Home Assistant.
Does anyone know if this is available as a service in Home Assistant, or would this need to be set by an external software before introducing the new Zwave 700 controller to Home Assistant?

It’s configurable in Z-Wave JS UI. Or yes, you can set it with PC Controller from Silicon Labs. Usually it’s already pre-programmed though, if you buy a controller from a vendor in your region.

Thanks for that. Looks like maybe not directly via HA then at this stage. I was after a controller to sit on the header on the HA Yellow but I am in Australia and it is rather hard to pick them up locally, so ZwaveMe support actually suggested get a US version and then change the region :slight_smile:

I’ll do it via the ZwaveJS interface outside of HA for now :slight_smile:

For reference: