Z-Wave 800 - is it time? Incremental move over in parallel?

I have an old HUSBZB-1, only using the z-wave side using ZWaveJS instance running on ubuntu on a rPi. The firmware has never been updated (and apparently doing so is … challenging). So no quick start, no security, etc.

I have about 2 dozen things, mostly temp/humidity, some thermostats, nothing security related. I’m thinking to add a bunch of door/window sensors, leak, etc.

It seems best to get a new controller before hand, since I think I will need to manually include every sensor I have now, so should before I add more. Right? Old firmware on that stick, no backup and restore. Annoying but honestly can do it quicker than figure out the stick firmware update.

So are the 800 series stable on zwavejs and home assistant? Any recommendation, maybe zooz? Or any specific suggestion?

I’m thinking to bring the new up on a new rPi (good opportunity to update ubuntu also), and I assume I can have them up in parallel? Exclude/delete a sensor on one, add it back, test, move on? Is there any problem having two unrelated zwave networks running literally beside each other, and both in HA at once?

I am right, there’s no simple migration for one that old? (It self reports FW V4.32 SDK V6.51.6, probably dates from early 2019).

An rPi the best home still (HA is on a HyperV instance so no USB for me there).


Hmmm… related question. I have three Aeotec Range Extender 6. Am I going to have to replace those to go with a newer controller with security?

If your HA server is unable to use usb, consider checking out this zwave-to-wifi bridge concept using a Zooz ZAC93 on a esp32 dev board running esphome. Total cost is under $20 and it hooks right into zwave-js-ui on your HAOS VM.

HA permits multiple zwave integrations; I ran two zwave js UI instances for a while to test my 800-series before using it in production.

Your Aeotec range extended will work fine with your new controller. Enabling security is optional, and repeaters will forward both encrypted or unencrypted messages.

yes, stable and I use the Zooz 800 stick on my Yellow Box

Version 9.9.0 of Z-Wave JS UI supports migrating to and from 800 series controller. All you need is a controller that is running ZDK 6.61 or higher. Using Z-Wave JS UI to migrate is the easiest and quickest method so I recommend you update your older controller to take advantage of this method.

If you can’t update the firmware on your controller you will either have to migrate your devices over one by one or you can perform a controller shift. Performing a controller shift requires you download additional software and perform a long process where you have to pay attention to what you are doing so I only recommend doing this method if you have alot of devices or automations.

Also yes you can run multiple controllers at once. You just need have multiple instances of Z-Wave JS UI running.

Also I run home assistant using hyper-v as well. Because I run Z-Wave JS UI natively in Windows I don’t need to pass through a USB to a virtual machine. I just enable the websocket server in the Z-Wave JS UI settings then connect to Z-Wave JS Integration to the IP my websocket server is running on. I also run Z-Wave JS UI as a windows service so it starts up with windows and so on.

I’ve got several rPi 3B’s sitting around, and they work easily and off the shelf as a remove zwave controller. A little more pricey but I have no other use for them.

It’s not that I cannot, it is that from what I read it is a lot harder (like opening it up and soldering) than just moving items indivudally.

Perfect, thank you.