Z-wave Aeotec Multisensor 6 Parameters

Hi there, I’m struggling I little bit to understand how multisensor interval work… with Hass.io I have everything configured but I have noticed that the state of aeotec multisensor (8) takes to much time to get back to 0, in the manual I have seen that there is a default interval time of 4 minutes between inactive - active state, I would like to change this behavior and I am not sure how can I do that…

I have seen some parameters in z-wave option like awake time but Im not sure if that is for change the interval.


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You can adjust this setting under Configuration > Z-wave. Select your MultiSensor from the nodes drop-down list and parameter is found under node configuration options. Be sure to hit the button on the sensor before sending/changing the value or it won’t take. It might take a couple attempts for the new value to save.

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thank you! but what is the parameter? and how to tell if it works after changes?

  1. On time. The number will stick after you set config parameter.
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Thank you, another question… I could set parameters but I have noticed that when there is a light cut like in the breaker everything resets to default value parameters, is there any way to leave them permanent?