Z-Wave almost unresponsive after updating from .113.1 to .113.3

I started to have really slow z-wave reaction time for my automations, among other weirdness when I updated to .113.3. I checked all the devices on my network and was troubleshooting for hours when it dawned on me that it happened after the update. I rolled back to .113.1 and all is back to normal. I even upgraded again to ensure that I could replicate the issue, which I was able to.

System information for those that are going to ask:
Ubuntu supervised install on a NUC
Aeotec gen 5 stick

Has anyone else encountered this? It seems to be wholly and directly tied to whatever changes happened after .113.1.

I’m guessing your issue with reaction time is isolated to lights and dimming? This is a known issue with an update to the way HA and zwave communicate the dimming intervals. The issue has been fixed and should make it to HA 113.4 or 114.

No, unfortunately it has almost nothing to do with lights and dimming. I send z-wave configuration commands to a Dome Siren, and some Inovelli switches. This changes the type of chime on the siren, and the led notification bars on the switches. When events trigger these actions they basically don’t work and bring my Z-wave network to a crawl(I wasn’t able to add or remove devices during this time either.) In short it sounds like the issues that you’re referring to affect more than just lights and dimming.

@moto2000 can you direct me to the discussion about the problem and solution(assuming here or github.)

Sure, hopefully it helps!

Also check out this post:

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I’m not using the OpenZWave add-on. I’m using the native Z-wave control panel. Seems like this probably doesn’t apply to me, unless I’m not reading it correctly.