Z-Wave and Association Groups, Z-Stick 7, NEXA AN-196 via Z-Wave JS UI - why do I get a 2-3 second delay?

I have started with HA a few weeks ago and installed a Z-Stick 7 this weekend to start migrating my Z-wave devices from an old controller.

I have a few NEXA AN-179 1-channel wall relay switches and I tried to add an association group and it worked and associated wall plug (NEXA AN-180) swiched immediately with the wall switch.

After several attempts I managed in some way to get the AN-196 to associate to a AN-180, but it was with a 2-3 second delay, so I started over.
If I do like this:

it works, but with the 2-3 second delay

I also tried like this:

and that also worked, but with a dely of 2-3 seconds.

Now I have it like this and it looks to works and even work after a power cycle…but with a 2-3 second dealy.

From what I have understood, an association should go direct via devices not passing the controller…or is it that it goes direct in the z-wave network and the controller software isn’t included…
The 2-3 second delay feels like it goes to Z-Wave JS and back…is it something else causing a delay?

All devices are in the same room as the Z-stick for testing. Max distance 4 m.

Does anyone know what is right and why I get a delay from the AN-196 (2-ch) when the AN-179 (1-ch) is momentary?

Edit/Add: Tried to unplug the S-Stick and then I can’t control the AN-180 plugin switches from the AN-196 wall switch. This means if my HA goes down I can’t use the buttons on the wall. I’m pretty sure I can do that from the AN-179 with(out) my old controller and that it should be the aim of association groups!

Edit2/Add2: Tried to create the association from AN-179 to one of the AN-180 wall plugs and unplugged the Z-Stick and I could still control the plug!

So - why doesn’t DIRECT Associations work with the 2-Channel AN-196!?

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