Z-Wave and Zigbee hardware (factory?) reset for a complete re-install

Hi, so I’ve been running HA for the last 6-years on my trusty Raspberry Pi3. My installation is running smoothly most of the time with an unfortunate exception: I can’t update HA Core since version 2023.12.2 no matter how many things I’ve tried, so I’ve decided to start over from scratch without restoring, just everything new. My stress levels grow exponentially when I get stuff connected to the Internet that I cannot update, security-wise.
Anyway, I’ve just ordered a RB Pi 5, backed up my config files, not to restore, but just to keep track of how I solved things in the past, I’m fairly proud of some of my automations. nothing too fancy, my installation relies mostly on lutron caseta switches all-over my house, some shelly, hue devices, ring cameras, smart TVs/Audio, and smart sensors, irrigation and locks, the latter being z-wave and zigbee controlled by a Nortek HUSBZB-1 Hub. I’ve had some issues in the past with zigbee devices not been removed properly from the node, so here is my question:
Are there any best practices to factory reset my Nortek Hub and z-wave/zigbee devices, so my new installation goes smoothly?