Z-wave and zigbee sticks for Synology

So, I’m planning to run HA in Docker on my Synology NAS, and to buy 2 usb controller sticks, the aeotec Gen 5, and ConBee II.

My simple question is, should I just put a stick in each of the 2 USB ports, I believe I have in my NAS?
Or should I use a USB Hub, to not fill up my USB Ports, or would that give me a problem?

Perhaps it’s not a problem, but I fear if I put a stick in both ports now, and later want to move them to a USB Hub, then something will not work, or I need to change something in my setup.

Would it be recommended to use some USB-extention-cables to get the stick as high up as possible, instead of sitting just behind the NAS?

And do you think it makes any difference if the 2 stick is just next to each other, or should there be a little space between them?

Any comments?
Best regards Simon