Z-Wave associations, e.g. for Leviton VRCZ4 4-button controller

I would really appreciate any support for a Leviton VRCZ4-M0Z 4-button scene controller in the Z-Wave JS implementation in Home Assistant. I can add the device but the HA device configuration page does not give any way to associate other entities with any of the 4 buttons like I could with the old HA Classic Z-Wave driver. J-Wave JS creator Al Calzone says that his driver supports associations so it is up to the HA app to add the human interface, e.g. a control panel. Some users say that this can be done with zwavejs2mqtt but I have not succeeded and this method is too complicated and presents too much opportunity to create a server conflict.

There is no way it can create a conflict. I assume you are using HaOS. you use the zwavejs2mqtt addon instead of the zwavejs addon. With the HA Server enabled it uses the zwavejs Integration just like the other addon. You cannot use both addons together but there is no need to do that anyway,.