Z-wave controller or hub for door/window sensor

Hi there,

I have this Z-wave Aeotec Door/window sensor that I would like to integrate to HA, I did some research and found Z-wave devices requires of controller or hub.
Here in forum also I found that is some phyton controller but it from 2016, out date maybe.
do you guys knows how it can be integrated to HA? does is mandatory hardware Z-wave hub?
My HA system is running over Rasbian, phyton venv and Home Assistant 0.70.1 version

thanks in advance

Yes, for any zwave device you will need a controller or a hub of some kind.

The most popular one seems to be the Aeon Z-stick Gen 5. It’s the one I’m using and it works really well. And the control all stays local so if your internet is down all your devices still work.

Hi Finity,

Does hub can be use with different Z-wave device or it has only for Aeotec?


Any hub, in theory, should be able to control any standard compliant zwave devices.

I just bought some neocoolcam motion sensors and they work perfectly with the Aeon labs stick.