Z Wave controller question

Can an Aeotec Wave controller on Raspberry Pi be used simultaneously with a Wink Hub 2?

I have Wink Hub 2 and finding out there are issues with my GE switches in the wall and reporting. I have a million raspberry pi’s and just ordered the Gen 5 Aeotec from Amazon.

I just set a Pi up with HA with the Raspian script waiting a couple days for my USB stick.

Trouble is I have Orsam Lightify lamps in the house I want to control.

Would you:
a) return the Wink hub and migrate to another smart light bulb (I only have 2 of them)
b) use both devices at the same time on the network giving you some future expansion abilities.

Cost not an issue.


Although I am not a fan of cloud based home automation devices I would use both.

I do have a wink hub (got it for free), vera, and stick in my HA setup.

Because… Why not!

You will still see delay when adding your GE switches directly to HA using the Aeotec controller. I’m noticing a 5-10 second delay when flipping the switch manually to when it displays in HA. The only switches which show instant status are Homeseer dimmers.

Not worried about the delay but worried the switch state doesn’t report right with my GE in wall switches. If I only control them with HA they work fine, however if I switch one manually at the wall they only report correctly if you restart HA. There is a fix for the polling issue if you have the Z Wave USB stick on Raspberry Pi but seemingly no fix if you have Wink Hub 2.

I also have a Wink Hub 2 and have not really experienced these issues since the .37 update. An option is to set up an automation to update the state using wink.refresh_state_from_wink every few minutes to ensure that the switch information is displayed correctly.

I have a Wink 1 hub and an Aeotec ZWave stick in my HA setup and am happy with the options it gives me. Sensor support is little to nonexistent in Wink, so I have all my multisensors and my garage tilt sensor via the stick and everything else (GoControl PIR and door/window sensors, GE Link lights and Osram Lightify garden spots (no Osram gateway) running through the Wink hub.