Z wave device entities are confusing...Rebuild device?

Hello everyone. I have several curtains made by smartwings. I have inside cellular curtains and outside roller curtains. They are all z-wave compatible. They all are added to my home assistant

When I added my inside curtains, there was just one control

When I added the outside there were several controls and it looked more like a light than a curtain. I clicked reinterview on one and it seemed to add the same control as the inside however it left the others.

  1. how do I remove these grayed out non functional controls?
  2. Is this the correct way to get the controls corrected?


Click on the entity to open up the info dialog. Click on the gear icon (cog) for Settings. Click Delete on the bottom left of the Settings. Or, if you go to the Entities page in Settings, you can bulk select and delete, just make sure “Show unavailable entities” is set in the filter.

Yes. In this case, you have badly implemented device, which was corrected by a device configuration change in Z-Wave JS. https://github.com/zwave-js/node-zwave-js/issues/5975