Z-Wave Device (Honeywell T6 Pro) Temp setting not updating

Since about 2022.8.5 (right around that build) I’ve been having a problem with my Thermostat. I’m running 2022.8.7 and z-wave js driver version 10.0.2. I can change the temp (I have some NodeRed rules based on motion sensors and such) and it works just perfectly. The temperature setting on the thermostat changes. But in Home Assistant it shows it’s set to some other value. It doesn’t seem to grab updates from the thermostat as to what the thermostat is set to (although the measured temperature is getting updated). This just started happening with a recent build and was working perfectly before. I’ve tried some of the basic stuff like rebooting my home assistant and thermostat and when it comes back up, the setting is always correct initially. But if I change the temp manually via home assistant for instance it will change it on the thermostat, but in the UI it will go back to its last setting even though on the thermostat itself it’s set to something different.

When I look in the logbook, I don’t see any logs with me changing the temp via home assistant (which is weird, I would think they’d be there), but if I look at the z-wave js logs I see that my request to change the temp is sent (and received):

2022-08-30T17:01:14.673Z DRIVER » [Node 008] [REQ] [SendData]
                                  │ transmit options: 0x25
                                  │ callback id:      22
                                    │ sequence number: 184
                                      │ session id:      42
                                      │ request updates: true
                                          setpoint type: Cooling
                                          value:         83 °F
2022-08-30T17:01:14.686Z DRIVER « [RES] [SendData]
                                    was sent: true
2022-08-30T17:01:14.698Z DRIVER « [REQ] [SendData]
                                    callback id:     22
                                    transmit status: OK
2022-08-30T17:01:14.749Z DRIVER « [Node 008] [REQ] [ApplicationCommand]
                                    │ sequence number: 2
                                        session id:          42
                                        more updates follow: true
                                        status:              Success
                                        duration:            0s

I can also see in the logs when I change the temp from the thermostat itself that z-wave js is receiving the new setting and it does get updated in home assistant in that case. Not sure where to look as of this point. Any more info I can provide?



I’ve been experiencing very similar symptoms with my five-wire T6 too: the dashboard doesn’t reflect the thermostat’s complete state – including mode changes between heat and cool – and my daily automations don’t seem able to set the temperature reliably.

Subjectively these issues appear to have started a week ago, and my initial assumption was that I’d been bitten by the 700 series mesh-flood bug. I tried to update my Z-Wave hub to the recommended patch, but it failed repeatedly. The vendor (Zooz) has provided fantastic support, and I’m now in process for a warranty replacement.

But now I’m wondering if that’s really the problem. My other much-less-often-used Z-Wave devices seem not to have any problem.

I had applied the latest Home Assistant update the week before, which is not very coincident cause&effect timing-wise. But the logs do seem to indicate there was a Z-Wave JS update overnight before I first saw the problem. The two further Z-Wave JS updates since have not improved it any – I’m now at 10.0.3.

I don not use NodeRed, my Home Assistant does all the thermostat heavy lifting directly. I have not done the deep dive into the Z-Wave logs as you have, but will try to soon.

I have a bunch of T6s for heating as a result they’ve been turned off for the summer. So seeing this I thought I should test it, Works fine for me.

I’m on HA 2022.8.6 and zwavejs2mqtt 6.15.2 using Aoetec Gen 5 stick.

You may be on a newer version of the underlying zwavejs code.

The latest ZwaveJS updates have caused this. There are multiple threads here, github and Reddit. Supposedly an update tomorrow to core will fix the issue.

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