Z-wave devices from security system- switch to HA? can/should I?

Hi All,

I have a seperate Z-wave network that is integrated through my alarm panel (Qolsys IQ2) and security system.

I’m on the fence about bringing some of them over to HA for example:

  1. 3 door locks - Weiser (aka Kwikset) 914
  2. Linear GD00Z Garage door opener (aka GoControl)
  3. alarm.com smart water valve + meter (ADC-SWM-150)
  4. Aeotec Heavy duty smart switch

I’m on the fence about swtiching them over mainly because I don’t know if they will be supported, or even introducing a security vulnerability by adding them.

I’m pretty sure the locks will be supported, and maybe the garage door opener. I do not think the smart water valve is supported, but, how to check or even suggest that a device be supported? Its a pretty powerful device with lots of advanced features but the producer only exposes the basic features to user.

I already have a cloud-based integration for my security system and that captures almost all my sensors (except camera’s and z-wave) and sensor updates can take upto 60 seconds, and I have a second integration that is local and works with security panel but that only brings in the door and window contact sensors (but is instant).


Is the first station to start your journey…


Can you? yes

should you? that depends on you.

If it was me I would (obviously). I see no obvious reason why you shouldn’t but I’m not in your shoes so I may be missing something.

IMO, anything you can do to get everything local you should do so.

I would be surprised to find that your zwave standard device wasn’t supported (but have been surprised before).

As far as security there shouldn’t be any difference between the alarm system zwave and HA zwave. It’s all zwave so it should be the same.

But if anything HA should be more secure since you aren’t relying on your security devices going to the cloud as they seem to do with your alarm system setup. Cloud based systems will likely always have more vulnerabilities than anything local.

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thanks! I think I know what I have to do now.

I’ll bring over 1 device at a time, and see how it goes.

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