Z-wave devices only reports on restart

Hi there.

Suddenly my Z-wave devices started to report status only on a restart of hassio.
I run a hassio docker on a NUC with Z-stick gen.5

Looks like the values are frosen. In the z-wave logs it looks like its getting some reports, but the values are the same. (i.e power consumption, on/off status etc.)

If i restart Hassio, i get the correct values in the moment z-wave network has started, but these values will not change until i restart again.

Any clues what to do or try?

I use the Z-wave integration and no reference to Z-wave in configuration.yaml


Bjoern T.

I had similar issue with getting values of analog inputs from Fibaro Smart Implant (I use it connected to IR distance sensor to check if car is in garage). I ended up with small automation forcing refreshing sensor value every 10 seconds. Here is the code I use (obviously you will need to update node_id and value_id):

- id: 'car_presence_sensor'
  alias: Refreshing Car Presence Sensor
  initial_state: True
  hide_entity: False

    - platform: time_pattern
      seconds: '/10'

    - service: zwave.refresh_node_value
        node_id: 32
        value_id: "72057594579796210"

Thanks. it fixed it.