Z-wave Dimmable Wall Outlet

Hello Folks!

I’d like to get a z-wave dimmable wall outlet to replace some existing outlets. Do any of you know where I could find such a thing? I want to do this so that I can automate some desk lamps that have specialty bulbs that don’t seem to be available as smart bulbs.

I’m currently running home assistant on a headless pi3, and would presumably be getting an aeotec z-stick in order to connect z-wave devices. I want to stick with z-wave so that I can avoid getting any additional hubs, but I could see myself surrendering to also getting a hue at some point.

I’ve had trouble finding a wall outlet that ticks all of these boxes (z-wave and dimmable), both on this forum and quite a few other sites!

What part of the world are you in, since that will alter what’s available.

The US of A!

I’m guessing you are looking for an in-wall solution as opposed to one of the ones that plugs in and looks like a power adapter.

Yes! That’s vastly preferred. Dimmable z-wave is the most important thing, but one of these plugs will probably be rather visible so I’d rather keep it more “clean” looking.

I have one of these and like it.


I haven’t seen any in-wall ones. There are ways to make it happen, but they are somewhat dangerous if you plug in something that doesn’t deal well with being dimmed (voltage drop). With it being an in-wall outlet, there isn’t anything to warn you about that and in a couple of years, you may accidentally plug in your stereo and burn something out. The external switch reminds you so it’s a bit safer in my opinion.

Homeseer, looks good

yep, there are several companies out there making them. They are all about the same thing from what I can tell. Give it a try and let us know how it works out.

Interesting. Perhaps manufacturers avoid dimmable plugs for this reason (although I’d be apt to blame the issue on a device that can handle a voltage drop :stuck_out_tongue:). I can see how it would cause complications and problems down the road.

@tinkerer, @turboc, and @anon35356645, thank you for the help. I may have to surrender to using a plug-in style one, but perhaps someone may yet pull a rabbit out of a hat! I’ll let you know how whatever I do goes.

any chance a Wemo wall plug could be made to dim maybe trick HA to think it’s a dimmable bulb?