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Z-wave dimmer and fan control possible in this layout?


Hi all,

I’ve got the below wiring running between two switches and a fixture in the ceiling. I “believe” it is a standard 3-way config and their is a neutral in each switch box. I only have a non-touch power tester to test for current, so I made the below diagram using it.

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to wire up a Z-wave dimmer (not switch) and a Z-wave fan control, one in each switch location? (Perhaps I could use the switched line to the fixture for the fan controller, and a micro-dimmer at the fixture on the light with a separate dimmer control that works “remotely” by controlling the micro-dimmer. Just not sure if HA can handle that)
  2. Is it possible to make that work even when the controller is offline? (without a 4th wire to the fixture)





Or, is there an in-fixture fan control kind of like the Aeon Labs micr-dimmer that would work for controlling the fan via remote?


  1. probably not.
  2. My Z-Wave switches and dimmers (Inovelli) work whether they are connected to Home Assistant or not.

Your drawing is incomplete, specifically the configuration depends a lot on where the line (from the breaker) enters the circuit. The line voltage can come into either switch or the fixture itself- all resulting in a different wiring configuration.

Here’s how I wired one of my Z-Wave circuits:

Oh, by the way, I have no fans.



Thanks for the response, however In your configuration you don’t have a constant power source to the fixture, which makes your scenario very different. With a constant power source I can use in-fixture dimmers. Heck, with a controller I could have no switches at all and still be able to “switch” the fan and dim the lights, just not set fan speed.



I’ll see if I can do a more detailed diagram. Switch 1 just has a 3-pair running to the switch 2 box, then the switch 2 box appears to have the line to the fan and from the panel.



That’s why I said that where the line comes into the circuit is important to the final configuration.
I have one 3-Way circuit that has the line coming into the fixture. But I had to break some rules to make it work.

Here is the original circuit:

And this is my solution:



Ok, that’s helpful, thanks! What are you using to make your diagrams?

I have no idea how this is wired. It looks like:

  • R/W/B from switch 1 to switch 2 BOX (I assume)
  • Box 2 confuses me:
    • Wire bundle 1:
      • Red to switch
      • White to switch
      • Black to wire bundle 2
    • Wire bundle 2:
      • No red
      • White to wire bundle 3
      • Black to wire bundle 1
    • Wire bundle 3:
      • Red is unattached, no power ever
      • White to wire bundle 2
      • Black to switch

Any ideas?