Z-Wave Dimmer Control WiFi Smart Bulb In Another Room?

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Hey everyone,
New to Home Assistant, and loving it!
I am trying to accomplish something which in my mind should be easy. However, my mind is beyond my knowledge of Home Assistant!! :smiley:

So, what I have is a Z-Wave Dimmer in Room A with standard bulbs, and in Room B I have a Smart Bulb.
What I want to do is to have the Smart Bulb in Room B to brightness adjust when the Z-Wave Dimmer in Room A is adjusted.
Can this be done in yaml, or Node-RED?
I have been searching through the community here which is awesome, and there is plenty of stuff on grouping lights, but I haven’t come across anything that does this.

If I’ve missed it please forgive me and point me in the right direction… I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.


This can be done with an automation.
This is similar to what you want:

- id: '1599884610597'
  alias: NanoMote Button 1 Short
  description: ''
  - event_data:
      entity_id: zwave.aeotec_limited_zwa003_nanomote_quad
      scene_data: 7680
      scene_id: 1
    event_type: zwave.scene_activated
    platform: event
  condition: []
  - data: {}
    entity_id: light.leviton_light_office
    service: light.turn_off

Thanks for your response.
However, can you give me some more information on what you have attached. This looks like it activates a scene of some kind.
how will that adjust the brightness of the light bulb, as the brightness of the dimmer is adjusted?

That is an Automation.
Look at the link it will tell you what scene data and id to use for each ‘action’ on the switch.

Thank you :smile: I appreciate your time.