Z-Wave Dimmers always go 100% brightness when turning on

Hello to everyone! This is my first post :wink:

My setup looks like this: serveral z-wave devices connected to Vera Plus Controller and integrated into Home Assistant (v 0.107.4) with homebridge to HomeKit.

Everything works fine except Fibaro Dimmer 2. No metter if I turn it on via HA or HK - it always go to 100% brightness instead of previous brightness. Via Vera UI it works flawless. Is it possible to fix it? I know that I can set up the initial brithness level, but I would like not to do that.


I have fibaro zwave dimmers connected to HA. They do not exhibit the behaviour you describe.
Therefore it must be due to the different integrations you have interacting.
Where is the zwave stick plugged in to ?
I’m guessing Vera ?
With Both HA and homekit down how do the lights operate ?
Now if you ONLY add HA ?
Now take HA down and add Homekit ?
Does it happen only with ALL 3 or just a subset ?

Vera contorller have zwave chip bulit-in.
As I write before - Vera remember previuos brithness - no metter what - with/without HA and HK.
HA and HK always turn lights on with maximum brightness.
I think that you are right and how dimmers work depends on integration type. I find that my problem could be caused by pyvera python library and the following code:

``` def switch_on(self) -> None: self.set_brightness(254) ```

What do you think?

Have you set ?:

Configuration Parameter
19: Forced switch on brightness level

If the parameter is active, switching on the Dimmer (S1 single click) will always set this brightness level. Available settings: 0 - function disabled; 1-99 - percentage level of brightness; Default setting: 0

As I wrote before: via Vera everything works ok and I don’t force intial brithness level, so it is not necessery to tweak parameteres for fibaro devices. The problem is located samowhere between Vera <> Home Assistant communication.

No, @Holdestmade is suggesting that “switch on brightness” may be set to 100% and Vera manages to override this somehow.
It’s worth a check

Sorry, I did not understand. But still, it’s not that :frowning:

A long standing issue in pyvera - will be resolved by this version bump.