Z-Wave + Docker + new entities --> doesnt seems to work


Today i decide to upgrade from 0.44 to he latest release (0.51.2).
I read the blog and understand the changes in Z-Wave so the concept is clear.

What I have:
HASS running on Synoglogy NAS using Docker.
I believe everything is properly setup, i have option.xml and the /config folder mapped, everything is encrypted, so far so good.

The issue:
Once i go to the Developer tools and click on “<>” states button, I can see my sensors and switches properly, I also notice the old_entity_id, new_entity_id and friendly_name.

so, in order to rename the old entity to the new entity, I click on it, then on the top of the page, there is the state “status”, i go there and modify the parameters and click SET STATE button.

immediately, everything works fine, and the new state is update and everything shows OK.

a few seconds/minutes later, “something” re-write it back to the previous state. and the update is lost.

So my question is: I am changing it in the right/wrong place? could be the docker mapping messing the things up?


Also, i though in one of the previous releases a Z-Wave menu, where i could add/remove nodes, is that gone? or shouold i type something in the configuration.yaml file to have it shown?



If you rename with the Zwave panel, you need to restart HA for it to take effect.

Anything you change with the states <> button can be overwritten with the next update.

i think that is the issue why i have the feeling something is overwriting the status. it is because something is really overwriting the status…

any clue how long do i have before the overwrite? i have about 50 Zwave devices, and several of them with multiple sensors linked to it :frowning:

I hope i dont need to re-start HASS around 300 times or?


I did the update as suggested here (https://home-assistant.io/blog/2017/06/17/release-47/) and here (https://home-assistant.io/blog/2017/06/15/zwave-entity-ids/).
what i did was to copy the old_entity_id to the new_entity_id, i know it is painful the entity ID stuff, but i would die if i have to re-work all the automation, sensors, scripts, switches in my installation. so i juut rename the old one, into the new one.

After that, i restart HASS, guess what… NOT A SINGLE ZWAVE DEVICE was affected.

all of them remained with the original name, in my case, that means A LOT OF CONFLICTS, as i am basically only using AEOTEC devices, with a few fibaros.

to be clear, i update all of them under the developer tools and the states attribute ( <> symbol). i am 300% sure i set the new state (i was using crtl f to jump to the right zwave device) so i could see the new_entity_id name exactly the same as the old one.

after the restart, everything was reseted, like if i had done nothings. and i could swear i replace more than 200 items :frowning:

any ideas?


The Zwave Panel Should be under Configuration> Zwave. That is the only place that you should be renaming devices, not the <> states panel…

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ok. that fixed it. thanks!