Z-Wave Door Lock - Slow to Update Status

I’m using Yale B1L push button locks.

They work great.

However, they’re slow to update the lock status in Home Assistant.

I was curious if this is normal or if anyone is using a lock that is instant status?

I have a Kwikset and have to poll it for some status updates. It still takes approximately 10-15 seconds for the status to reflect properly on the HA frontend. I don’t know if yours requires polling, but you can try it by adding it under the zwave: section of your configuration. The trade off though is it will drain the batteries in the lock quicker.

I think I figured out my problem.

I was being lazy and testing my automation using the HASS interface to lock/unlock instead of actually doing it at the lock.

Doing it at the lock updates the status within a few seconds, so it should be fast enough to trigger my “just arrived” automation. Good enough.

Thanks for the suggestion!