Z-Wave Door Sensor False Alarms

I have door/window sensors on all the exterior doors of the house. If a door is left open, I have my google home issue a reminder to close it. If it is still left open, I send text messages.

I am running into an issue where I am getting some false alarms. I get notifications saying the door is open, and the state in home assistant is OPEN, but the door is closed. I use z-wave door/window sensors, the brand is Dome. I can open and close the door to get the correct state back.

How can I prevent the false alarms? Is there a way that I can manually poll the state of the door sensor to force it to update before sending notifications? It is a battery operated device z-wave device, so I don’t want to poll it all the time, just if I think a door has been left open and I want to verify the state of the sensor.

Getting text messages 10 minutes after you left the house saying a door was left open when it is actually closed is really annoying.