Z-Wave Door Sensor Suggestions

I’m looking for suggestions for battery powered Z-Wave door sensors that I can mount with 3M mounting strips to the frame of my door as I live in an old historic brownstone and shouldn’t be drilling mounting brackets into the door frame.

Any suggestions?


I think most of the door sensors would mount with some kind of adhesive or at least have the option to do so. However, one such sensor that would mount to the frame are the Sensative Z-Wave Plus Strips. The downside is once the battery dies, you have to replace it.

Another option and one that I use are the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor. These are rechargeable via USB. And I mount mine with 3M double sided tape (the thinner gray kind used largely in automotive applications). Also, instead of using the supplied magnets, which I find a bit too weak, I bought Neodymium magnets, thin but wide ones and I mount those to the door frame with double sided tape and have had great results. I currently have six in use with plans to add at least a couple more.


I have some ecolink ones that were about $25

They work fine on my front and back doors… it didn’t work good on a double door I have though. That might just be due to the fact that it was pretty far away from my zwave hub and there was no extenders near it either though. If not that, I think the washing and drying machines might have caused interference with it somehow since they use magnets I think.


But if you want something less expensive. I ahave setup an Aruino with ethernet shield and 433MHZ and 433mqtt433 Bridge like here :slight_smile:

I use those 433MHZ Sensors:

but can also recommend those:

I’ll second the Sensative Strips, they’ve a claimed 10 year battery life, and unlike so many sensors they’re pretty unobtrusive. I use them on some doors with UPVC frames, and they’re effectively invisible in use.

Id be pretty surprised if the battery lasts more than 2 years to be honest. Its a cool solution though to have a more hidden door sensor. If money isn’t a big concern id just go with those, otherwise I would just (and did) get one of the $20-$30 ones with replaceable or rechargeable batteries. (Battery life should still be pretty long, 6 months+)

I haven’t tried them yet, but the sensative strips sounds promising. Bing able to hide them between the door and frame is nice, but it also depends on what door/frame you have. If the they are in metal it is more likely to cause problem with a sensor mounted like this one, than with one that is placed on the inside.

Has anyone tried this Monoprice sensor or this Ecolink one?

The battery life on those strips seems ridiculously exaggerated but I am intrigued.


I have a few of the Monoprice Door/Window sensors that are not the zwave plus version and they work great. I mounted them over a year ago when I first started with HA and they still are reporting battery strength at 100%.

@photo64 – Thanks! Any issues with response time, reliability, mounting, etc with the Monoprice sensor?

I can mount on my wooden door frame & wooden door with 3M adhesive strips?


Currently I am using these sensors on two separate doors. When they are opened the lights turn and subsequently when the door is closed the lights go out. The response time is immediate. I used the adhesive strips that came with the sensors and haven’t has any problems with them remaining in place. Both doors are wooden, one is painted and the other is stained.

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I have both Fibaro and sensative. And I do prefer the sensative. It’s simple and invisible and it’s always working, I have experienced som problems with the fibaro door sensor but never with the sensative.

And on the battery, I do really think it will last 10 years. I’ve used mine for about 6 months now and it’s still att 100% (the door changes state about 2 times a day). They discuss the battery and how they have calculated 10 years battery time here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sIPMiKNQgY

If the battery drains to fast (in a year or so) they will change the device on warranty.

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Yeah, well if they really do last 10 years they are probably worth the higher upfront cost.

Although who knows what new thing will be around before those guys run out of battery :slight_smile: