Z-wave doors stopped working with 0.97.2

Upgraded to 0.97.2 and my Z-wave doors (door lock, Yale YRD110, and garage door opener, Aeotec ZW062 ) stopped working - downgraded back to 0.96.5 and they started responding again.

Not sure what the commonality is, other than the locks are the only two secure nodes on my z-wave network - have about 25 other switches, lights, and sensors that all seem to be working fine with 0.97.2. The locks were showing up in my interface, but not responding/updating - the z-wave info was showing packets being sent, but none being received – yet it showed RTT times. Running an Aeotec ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 on a Synology NAS under docker.

Anyone else had issues or have suggestions?

It might be your security key. I believe if its defined in configuration.yaml, it overrides the integration value. This was new to .97 (I believe), so you might have different keys in different places. The other location might be .storage/core.config_entries. Make them both match with the correct network security key, restart Hass, and it should work.

Thank you! That seems to have done it – I have had a security key defined in configuration.yaml, as you suspected the one in core.config_entries was different. Replaced the one in configuration.yaml with the one in core.config_entries and it’s working again.