Z-wave entites no longer being provided?

i updated z-wave JS yesterday and now all the entities that were creeated by z-wave JS show this message:
Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 7.50.07 AM

If i look in the Z-Wave-JS UI, all devices are fine and can be controlled from there:

Anyone have any ideas what may have caused this and how to recover?

Refresh the integration in home assistant

Look at the zwavejs integration page, it should show connected devices there

the devices are all there, it’s the entities that seem to be missing. they all show no name and the status shows as restored

Doesnt red arrow under status mean it is not seeing it?

Cant verify in my own install as my network magically went down☺️

yes, i believe that is the issue, something with the z-wave_js upgrade deleted my entities. the devices are still there in both z-wave_js:

and in the HA UI:

but the entities are gone!

Try pulling you controller stick out a put it back in. Sometimes with an update this helps.

Look at the HA logs for errors related to loading the integration.

For example, two recent issues were fixed. The fix should be included in the next HA patch.

not really sure what happened, but after numerous restarts things seem to be back to normal.

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