Z-Wave entity names unknown / blank

So, i have some z-wave devices. Some that gets identified correctly by home-assistant with goor entity-names. But then there are some that get names that i think is the result of some kind of error.

Some good named entities:


Some not o much:


The switch.__switch_4 is a gen5 siren from aeotec and the sensor.__alarm* is a smoke-sensor from fibaro.
I’ve checked and both are supported by open-zwave.

I cant stop thinking that the identification got wrong somehow.

The weard thing is that when i first added my fibaro motion sensor the entity of the sensor also were something like the weard entities (cant really remember exactly, but something like sensor.__sensor_5) but after a while it corrected itself. Don’t know why.

I don’t mind the names of the entities, really, but i don’t like it that they may change in the future and mess up my home-assistant configuration.

Anyone have a clue of whats wrong and how to fix it, or should i just not mind it?

Did you get it running?
I’m getting no reads from the motion…

I’ve never had any issues with the motion sensor itself. The issue have been resolved some versions back.

Alright there is a bug with pi3 and Zwave http://razberry.z-wave.me usage