Z-wave error 202 (ZW0202) - again

Hello all I know there are several topics of this here but I have not figured out a solution to this and I am tired of restarting my system every day. Also noticed (unless i havent found the right topics) that there are no updates as of the last few months on most of these topics.
I am using Z-Wave JS UI 1.1.0 with Home Assistant 2022.10.3 as of now.
Is there a solution to this? I am not using an 700 series, stick, just the 500 series, so there is no fw update that i have found.
I have noticed that i cannot turn on/off lights , but motion detections and states do work most of the time.
Any solutions please?

I had this problem previously when device that was barely within network range caused the entire network to basically stop responding

check that no decide has communication issue

Try zwave usb on extension cable

I will give it a try I ordered one , hopefully comes tomorrow. Will see how it acts after

Did you check the device on network to see if they having com issues?

TBH I am not sure what I would be looking for. But its not bad all the time. Maybe I am crazy but most of the times i have noticed that there are issues when an update is available, not just a js ui update, even an HA or core update. But it makes no sense and I might be wrong. I would think if there are com issues, nothing would work. But I still see the statuses of the motion sensors changing , and other stuff updating regurarly. The issue is that I cannot change the status of switches and lights at that point. And some of these devices are way closer to the rpi with the usb dongle than some of the motion sensors that report regularly. Also I have noticed for example that the motion part of the switch works , but the light part doesnt want to turn on or off (its a switch that has a motion sensor on it)

There are stats bailable in the UI in the device page

You can look there. Problems will be fairly obvious

Try a full power cycle of the computer, stick, etc. I’ve had my USB hardware / device driver get into a funky state,

As per @tmjpugh and others have suggested I have added a usb extension cord and so far so good. Lets see if that was the issue or further research is required. Will keep you posted