Z Wave Ethernet hub?

I’m considering linking my existing August Lock and replacements for my Eve Thread lightswitches with a Z Wave network. The one problem is my HA is running on ESXi in a cluster. It is possible to pass through a USB device to the VM but it’s not pretty and also, my server room is rather far away from the rest of everything. My Hue hub is connected over ethernet and sits under a couch much closer to the rest of the house and is connected back to HA over ethernet. Are there any recommended devices that use ethernet and can advertise a Z Wave service that HA can use? Or could I use a raspberry pi with a Z Wave dongle running Z Wave JS and just connect to that from the Z Wave integration in HA?

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Any computer with a Z-Wave controller and network connection will suffice. Whether that’s an SBC (Pi) or a rackmount server is up to your personal requirements.

Zwavejs is recommended

RaspberryPi may be used to run HAOS + zwavejs addon OR Raspbian OS + zwavejs in docker container.

I would try zwavejs on your server first

The hubitat hub is meant as a full featured automation hub but it has very good zwave support and a full featured home assistant integration in HACS.

Use it for zwave and zigbee and keep all the rules and dashboards etc… on HA.

And I just found out the hard way that Yale shrivels up the second you mention Home Assistant but they do support Hubitat.

ZWave JS was fine, but having my vm locked to a single host was annoying. Getting a Hubitat soon! Thanks

Just for zwavejs?
Why not just use a RasPi if you just want it separated from HA host?

Because Yale said it would solve the issue and it was “supported”.

Well it didn’t work. And now they’re just passing the buck to Hubitat.

IDK why I fell for this company again. When I got the brand new August WiFi Lock 4 the HomeKit was broken, than my Smart Lock Pro’s ZWave didn’t work, and now this Assure 2’s ZWave doesn’t work. They don’t support anything. Tried calling their support last night and you couldn’t even hear the representative.

No idea what lock to get now. I do not want cloud connected, no wifi, and most of all, it needs to work. This is getting ridiculous.

Kwikset works great for me

Not sure if it was mentioned before but Did you try zwavejs?


Kwikset not Schlage

Have you posted on the Hubitat forum? A z-wave lock should work pretty much out of the box.

I did post on their forum. I got it connected. Not impressed with Hubitat’s onboarding. But the Doorsense didn’t work. Hubitat’s forum confirmed that the generic driver for locks doesn’t support anything like door open/closed state and that’s on manufactures to implement their special features.

That’s what I’m using right now.

Yale told me that the problem was ZWave JS and to get a Hubitat. Than the Hubitat didn’t work. Then Yale told me they don’t support 3rd party devices.

I’m like why say that you don’t support anything other than “official partners, such as Ring, Hubitat, and SmartThings” then say that “Though our products are compatible with Z-Wave modules, which in turn, are compatible with 3rd hubs from Samsung Smartthings, Ring, ADT, Alarm.com, Hubitat, among others, we do not provide tech support for those hubs.” That’s right they said they support and don’t support Hubitat 5 emails apart.

Honestly August/Yale and anything related just seems like a toy now. I’ve had 3 locks total from that company, 1 for a week, 1 for 3 years, and 1 for 2 months. They were all crap in one way or another. I just wrote them an email saying I understand that integrating with the many many platforms out there is a big burden, but they stand out in hardware/software malfunctions and lack of support compared to literally any company I’ve worked with I can think of right now. Even their regular iOS app has obvious bugs or at least terrible UI and I’m supposed to believe that their ZWave implementation is perfect, it’s a miracle all my other ZWave devices function perfectly, and all the issues here are in ZWave JS and Hubitat?

I’m returning the lock to Amazon and giving the Hubitat to a friend.

Any in particular?

I am using a kwikset HC620 with no problems.

Kwikset 914

They both look like fine options, and they are available at stores nearby. So will probably pick one when I get there. None of them have built in door sensors though right?

Got a HC620 and I’m blown away.

Supports S2
Setup first try
Updates instantly
Code management works
All the settings are exposed in Hass
Buttons are way better than the touchscreen on Yale
Installed pretty easily

I’d like if there was an app that had a labeled button for managing the zwave network instead of just a button that says A, but in another way it’s refreshing to have one fewer app on my phone.

I will probably be getting a respberry pi to plug my zstick into. It’s worked ok on my vsphere cluster but I do want the flexability of moving the hass vm around again. Is all the network info stored on the zstick? Can I just move it over or do I need to unjoin everything, maybe reset the controller, and move it over?

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I love my 620 too. I have the matte black. The best part is it’s really battery efficient. I have a counter to keep track of the locks and unlocks. I’ve gotten 600 locks and unlocks and the battery is still at 100%.

Yes your Z-Wave network info is stored on the controller but your security keys are not. Yes you can move your stick over but you need to copy your keys over too or else you will have to exclude and reinclude all of your devices with security.