Z-Wave exclude doesn't remove devices?

It looks like when I exclude something from Z-Wave it removes from the Z-Wave configuration list but doesn’t purge the devices or entities related.

Anyone know a proper way to make it purge those?

restart home assistant and you can “delete” them.

how? they don’t seem to be editable in the GUI?

EDIT: Interesting, this only seems to affect “some” of the “devices” associated with the Inovelli Red Light+Fan dimmers…so far. Like each seemed to have ~3 “devices” each with multiple entities, and only 2 get “left over” and I seem to have to manually clean up from core.device_registry

i had same problem. How can I remove the devices from registry? I could only hide entities.

I have the same.
It looks like that the ‘slave’ devices aren’t properly removed.
I had a FGS221 Double Relay Switch 2x1.5kW (Fibaro) that I tried to remove.
But only the first switch of this device was removed, the second switch is still there but it has the status (Device unavailable).
But I’m unable to remove it.

HA had been restarted several times in the meantime, but still not not able to remove.


I’ve managed to remove it from the Devices list.
I found the solution in this post:

Open the core.device_registry file and remove the roque device from it. (Make a copy first, and if you remove the last device in the file don’t forget to remove the ‘,’ after the ‘}’ at the new latest device in the file).
Then restart HA and it’s gone.

But I still think its a bug, should we log an issue for this?
I don’t know in which part, does this belongs to Core?

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That’s what I had to do as well.

I’m not sure what part it should be opened against either…if there’s a bug tracker for the HomeAssistant built in Z-Wave integration or if that falls under Core…

You could submit a bug to homeassistant/core, but given that this bug has existed forever (child devices of a multi-channel node are not removed), and the zwave integration is basically dead, don’t expect a fix.

Is Z-Wave integration dead? That would be a shame.
Z-Wave is imho superior to ZigBee, more stable, better house coverage (because of lower frequency).
The only downside is the price.
I have a house full of those devices.
So I hope not :smiley:

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You probably should read this post. Basically, the original plan to replace the original ZWave integration with one based on OpenZWave has run into problems, so a plan B is in development…

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Thanks for the information, i will read that.
It looks more like a plan C then.

I am trying out HA for a few month now and i was in the process of moving all my z-wave devices from my Fibaro HC2 to HA. But i think i will wait a while then. I’m using the Fibaro integration so everything is manageable from within HA.

Indeed - I just got a house and a bunch of switches, locks, and thermostats…like Z-Wave because Zigbee seems so unreliable given the 2.4GHz soup and you can’t be ensured anything will work with anything else (its not a proper standard like Z-Wave).

I also REALLY like the easy to use UI for managing Z-Wave stuff, such as adding/removing PINs to my locks or finding what options might be available on my switches.