Z-Wave extension to cover Ultraloq on barn

Hi all, I have just set up and configured the 2nd gen Z-Wave Ultraloq for my barn. Everything enrolled and is working flawlessly when I am in the are of my Aeotec stick on my HA in the basement, but when I install this on the outside door it is not close enough to the Z-Wave network to connect. I only have two Hank buttons so my network is pretty small. The barn isn’t too far away from the house (70 ft (21m) from front door, 45 feet (~14m) from garage), but I am not sure what the maximum usable range is for a rock solid connection.

Any recommendations to extend and connect this?

Buy an zwave power plug and place it as close as possible to the front door. It will act as a repeater. That’s the cheapest possible solution, but without warranty. Chance is big, it will work. Other ways, you always will find use for that plug.

Thanks @BebeMischa, would you have any brands/types that you would recommend that work well with HA?

I imagine the Z-Wave plug dongles would be more practical than the built-in receptacle right?

I have very good experience with Qubino 16A and Hank HKZW-SO05 plugs. The first one can handle 16A, so almost any device. The second handles less, but enough for common things and have always on USB sockets for charging devices. Both act as repeater.

Thanks for your help, I ended up going with some Amazon off-brand as I plug into US 120V. But it works as advertised!

Also, the newer ZWave ultraloq works great with HA, I can see and manipulate all the settings I need. It’s nice that it is 100% local and only accessible with Nabu Casa for me.

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