Z-Wave fan control recommendation

Good morning all,
I have an old GE 12730 / ZW4002 controller for one of my bedroom ceiling fans in my home. I’ve been having problems with it occasionally disconnecting from the network. As it’s one of the oldest devices on my mesh, and it’s also one of the few that’s not at least Z-wave+, I’m considering replacing it. The current GE Enbrighten Fan control switch is still the ZW4002, but 55258 as the model code. The newer model code means it’s Z-wave plus, so a 500 series. Unfortunately, that’s all they’ve upgraded. It’s still the giant box and not the slimmer switches like the ZW4008. Those larger switches can really be a pain, especially when you have multiple z-wave switches in a gang box.

Zooz switches aren’t meant for fan control, so I can’t go there. I was looking at the Aeotec illumino Dimmer Switch ZWA037-A. Does anybody have experience with this switch? It only has 7 reviews on Amazon, and 2 of the 7 are 1 star ratings. I try not and put too much faith in those 1 star ratings, but with only 7 reviews, I can’t completely discount them.