Z-wave Fan GE 14287 Speed Control

Anybody have Yaml code for setting the speed on this fan? Here is my available attributes:


speed: off
speed_list: off,low,medium,high
node_id: 6
value_index: 0
value_instance: 1
value_id: 72057594143408129
friendly_name: Famly Room Fan
supported_features: 1
order: 4

What are you trying to do? It should be able to control the speed without any yaml?

It’s native, just add it to your UI of choice.

Or are you trying to do something in an automation.

If so this works as an action, adjust to the speed you want

  - service: fan.set_speed
    entity_id: fan.ge_14287_fan_control_switch_level
      speed: low

Ok Thanks. I get it now. I was just seeing the on/off. Didn’t realize you had to click on it to get the speed options to come up.
I made some actions for my Dimmers in order to get the slider to appear, but now realize that they too have native support so you can click on them and get the slider to come up.
What is the easiest way to get the speed options to display without having to click?

I dont change the speeds often with the app, so I’m not sure. Depends on your skill level. You could create an input select with levels, and display the input select. You could probably do a lovelace card as well.

I have mine exposed to Alexa, and just say set fan low, or high. For medium I have to say set fan to 50%

Yeah, thats how I did the lights, but making buttons for Low, Med, High is a little more involved. Was hoping I didn’t have to invent the wheel. Would be nice with more example code in the documentation

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The lovelace UI has a button card you might be able to do some wizardly things with to just give you a “High, Med, Low” button interface.

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