Z-wave frequency

Hi friends

nowadays i started using HA, I live in Dubai but i bought my z-stick gen5 and razzbery from USA, and bought sensors from Dubai. sensors and z-stick modules are not in same frequency so i cant add sensors to network.
now i have some questions, if i use razbbery, can i add my sensors to netwotk, i bought razzbery from USA too?
and if the answer is yes, i didn’t find any tutorial for using razzbery az module form HA.

I installed HA in ALL in One mode on raspbery3 series B
Thank for your attentioan

All z wave devices need to be on the same frequency for them to work, us and EU use different frequencies so will not work

Thank you
but i asking about razzbery, does it wirk in multi channel, same kit works in both US and EU?

No, it’s fixed on the z wave daughter board (the smaller board on top of the raspberry: