Z-Wave Group Delay

I have created a Group association between two Z-Wave switches:


Both switches are the same model and both have no security.

When I physically turn on/off either switch, there is a 1-2 second delay before the other switch turns on/off. I expected when using the native Z-Wave grouping that there would be no delay.

Is this a limitation of Z-Wave or Home Assistant? Any known workarounds?

Given that HA is nowhere to be found in this scenario, you can discount that as a problem. That leaves the switches. They have to send an update to the controller (group 1) and then the other group (group 2), who knows how that is implemented. You would need to use a Zniffer and analyze the packets to know more. You could try and do some correlation via debug logs, but it will only show what the controller sees. In my experience, the GE switches have slow ramp times and only report after the ramp is finished.

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I tried with 2 switches (both without authentication), NodeID_34 and NodeID_36.
When I turn ON or OFF 36 then 34 follows, but nothing happens when I do 34: