Z-Wave has stopped working with last update

I have been runnig HA on a Raspberry Pi 4 for several months.
I use both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. My Z-Wave devices are mainly electric plugs and temperature sensors. Zigbee devices are mainly light bulbs.
It has been working great for many months, including all updates during this time. No problems what so ever. Brilliant!

But since the last update ( Home Assistant 2021.8.8) my Z-wave devices has gone missing. Totally not working.
I was using Z-Wave JS to mqqt (v0.24.1) addon. I even reinstalled the whole system from the downloaded image. When I try to add the Z-Wave JS integration, I cannot connect to the Z-Wave service. At all. This is what it looks like:


Then the error message is always:

Is there any logs or debug files I can look at to diagnose why it’s failing ?

It looks like you’re trying to integrate the “Z-Wave JS” add on, versus the “Z-Wave JS to MQTT” community add-on. As I understand it, the two cannot coexist.

Here’s the installation method you might’ve used originally. It specifically says not to select the JS Supervisor add-on.


I had problems with the add-on automatically installed and started the Z-Wave JS addon.
This created a conflict with the Z-Wave JS to MQTT addon and the setup didn’t work.

When I removed the old one, I could then add the integration using the link you mentioned.
Thanks for the link!

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