Z-Wave integration Fibaro dimmer 2 not working after release 2021.1

Hi there, before updating to release 2021.1, I had two Fibaro dimmers type 2 working via HA. I could turn on and off via Lamp card and also set dim level.
Using entities in automation worked properly aswell.
Now, after update, I can see my nodes in Z-Wave integration (complete) but no controlling from the lamp card anymore. very frustrating.
Anyone got any idea / suggestions / hinces / …

Besides that, I added one more Fibaro dimmer 2, but can not get that one in HA. It is not added as a node…
What to do?

which 2021.1 release? I read messages that z-wave got broken with 2021.1.4, so you might give 2021.1.3 a try.

Yes, I am on the 2021.1.4. :frowning:
How do I get back to the 2021.1.3?

Changed back to 2021.1.3.
But still…
No interaction between HA and dimmers.
I’ll try a previous release.